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The challenge we face every day is cost-effective development of software tailored to your needs. Details...


Programming - art or trade?

Have you ever thought why some software with a well-known logo, developed by a small/big army of programmers led by their top-top-management aggravates you the moment you start thinking about it, but an application written by a few enthusiasts at their leisure continues, for many years, to amaze you with its functionality, user-friendly interface and robust dependability?

We believe, that in the latter case, it happens because authors put their very heart and soul into their product, thinking through all of the ins and outs of the system, like in a swiss watch, and wrote the code which, very likely, they are not ashamed to show to the world as an open source.

You can fairly argue that this approach must negatively impact the time and effort invested into production and, as a result, the cost of the end product. Generally, this is true.

That's where our advantage of knowing innovative technologies, development processes optimization and ongoing improvement thereof comes into play...

This indeed is our approach to software development.
If you share our views, we would be happy to welcome you as our clients or colleagues (partners?), depending on the purpose of your visiting this website.




Few weeks fighting with Cocoa Touch and...



Dropozoid coming!

In a few weeks we release a new game for iPod, iPad and iPhone.

Its name is Dropozoid!